Come and join us this weekend

We are launching the 1st of the 8 Auspicious workshop series this weekend *happy dance*

We are doing The Endless Knot: It is a symbol of the Buddha’s endless wisdom and compassion. And can also represent continuity or dependent origination as the underlying reality of existence. Join us as we meditate on endless wisdom and compassion while we draw and paint the Endless Knot.

Justine Hefel workshop leader

Justine is a long-standing thangka painting student of Andy Weber with a strong connection and commitment to Buddhist art and practice. She has a strong history in art including working as a sought after professional Tattoo Artist. Her love of art and drawing has led her to undertake researching and writing a book on tribal fabric and tattoo motifs which regularly takes her traveling through regions like Borneo and Pacific Islands like Samoa to work with local tribes collecting and curating designs.

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