The 8 Auspicious Symbols

Translated with commentary by Lama Zopa Rinpoche; paintings of the eight auspicious signs by Gelek Sherpa.

Probably many of us do not know how important these eight auspicious signs are and how they affect our lives. They can be used externally to help with one’s own success as well as with the FPMT organization to be successful in benefiting others and working for the teachings of the Buddha. Putting these eight auspicious signs around everywhere, outside and also inside the rooms, makes things very auspicious. It is not necessary to put all eight together, and they don’t all need to be in the same place. They can be placed separately at different locations, but you should have all of them.

Wherever these eight auspicious signs exist, there will be the dependent arising of increasing the virtue of auspiciousness.

The Endless Knot

painted by Gelek Sherpa

The glorious peu is a dependent arising for Dharma and politics to utilize and support each other in one continuous connection. Like that, at the time of the path, method and wisdom connect by being unified with each other; emptiness and dependent arising are connected in one without contradiction. At the time of the resultant state of Buddha, omniscience and compassion are unified.

Workshop at Chenrezig Institute’s Art Studio;



The Two Fish

painted by Gelek Sherpa



The yellow fish. Fish swim as they like without fear in the ocean. Like that [the yellow fish] is a dependent arising for oneself and others to run and enjoy freely with no resistance from happiness to happiness without fear of drowning in the oceans of suffering.

Workshop at Chenrezig Institutes’s Art Studio



content from: Advice from Lama Zopa RinpocheLama Zopa Rinpoche News and Advice. FPMT website