The Flowers: A symbol of purity and renunciation

Join the artists of the Chenrezig Institute’s Art Studio, Thangka Painting Cooperative in a Weekend with Justine Hefel 

– Justine is a long-standing thangka painting student of Andy Weber, in this weekend workshop she will lead us through drawing the 3rd of the 8 Auspicious symbols The Flower. The  Flower forms a regular part of the iconography in Buddhist thangkas & mandalas –


The 8 Auspicious Symbols is an 8 part series. Each workshop will focus on one of the auspicious symbols. They are 8 standalone workshops so you can pick and choose which symbols you want to do or do all of them.
In the The Flower workshop we will explore the meanings of the symbol and where it is found in Buddhist art. We will draw & paint The Flower. All students should be able to finish the workshop with a completed image of The Flower and a solid grounding in its meaning.
Lotus by Tashi Dhargyal
Lotus by Tashi Dhargyal
These workshops are ideal for those of you who would like the chance to delve into some of the Buddhist symbols. Knowing and understanding the meaning and role of the 8 Auspicious symbols is a solid foundation to enjoy the meanings found in Tibetan sacred art.
It is also ideal for those of you not as confident to jump straight into a course focusing on a tanka or mandala.

SOLD OUT FOR THIS COURSE Depending on availability, the Art Studio often has Tibetan Style Canvases for sale. These are canvases prepared in the traditional Tibetan way using 100% cotton, sewn onto dowels and stretched within a frame. The Artist usually paints the thangka in this canvas and will reuse the  frame for the next thangka. The Art Studio runs courses through the year where you can come in and make a canvas over a weekend and can take it home to start your work. Or you can buy one made by one of the Art Studio’s artists.

For the 8 Auspicious Symbol Series, we are offering those interested a section of canvas out of its frame to paint the symbol. It has a very unique feel and smoothness and sits well in brocade. It is not a requirement of the course, you will have the option of paper western canvas provided as part of your general material fee at the workshop.

LEVEL: Beginners and above

Course Materials & Feesvfrbgt

$108 course fee
$12 general materials fee
$30 text
$40 optional section of Tibetan Canvas
Please note availability of this canvas is limited.

About the text:

The Eight Auspicious Symbols by Andy Weber is the foundation of the series, it is a one-off purchase and can be used at the other 7 workshops if you attend or as a guide to continue drawing and painting the symbols at home. If you own the book please bring it along and select a payment option below with it excluded.)


The Flowers: Course Fee + Materials ( No Text)

The Flowers: Drawing the 8 Auspicious Symbols~ 2nd & 3rd February 2019 9:30 am – 4.30 pm with Justine Hefel Course Fees (Course $108 + General Materials $12 )= $120 No TEXT




The Flower: Course fees + Text

The Flower: Drawing the 8 Auspicious Symbols~ 2nd & 3rd February 9:30 am – 4.30 pm with Justine Hefel Course Fees (Course $108 + General Materials $12 + Text $30 )= $150 No TEXT




You need to book and pay for these online. You will then collect any keys and food tickets from Reception. ( your Course and associated fees are managed directly by the Art Studio)

Accommodation: is available at Chenrezig Institute’s on-site accommodation. . We recommend booking early as it does book out.  You can have a look at options HERE. There are also B&B option very close to the centre.

Food: is available through Chenrezig Institutes wonderful Big Love Cafe. You will need to pre-book meals and can do that HERE. 

There is coffee and tea facilities at the Art Studio as well as microwave and fridge.

Justine Hefel workshop leader

IMG_1488Justine is a long-standing thangka painting student of Andy Weber with a strong connection and commitment to Buddhist art and practice. She has a strong history in art including working as a sought after professional Tattoo Artist. Her love of art and drawing has led her to undertake researching and writing a book on tribal fabric and tattoo motifs which regularly takes her traveling through regions like Borneo and Pacific Islands to work with local tribes collecting and curating designs.

About Andy Weber author of The Eight Auspicious Symbols

The artist Andy Weber spent seven years living and studying the iconography art of Tibetan Buddhism under the guidance of accomplished masters in India and Nepal.



His unique style of authentic images for visualization are highly respected not only by the growing number of Western Buddhists but also by Tibetan Lamas of all traditions, many of whom have commissioned his work. His thangka paintings (= Tibetan scroll paintings) can be seen in Buddhist centres and temples throughout the world including the Potala Palace in Lhasa and his images have become well-known and popular through numerous publications.

With over 35 years of experience Andy Weber and his students offer their artwork, their services, and their experience to the wider Dharma community.